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We take care of everything entertainment, so you can focus on the things you specialize in.

Are you planning an event, or looking to get booked for events, and have no idea where to start. Maybe you just don’t have the time to figure it all out. Let us help you. We specialize in music events, concerts, weddings, comedy, and night life. We use our expertise to make events of all sizes successful.

1st Drop Entertainment is an entertainment consulting and promotions company based out of Flagstaff Arizona. Our dynamic understanding of multiple roles within the entertainment industry, and the businesses and artists it serves is what is different about 1st Drop Entertainment. 1st Drop Entertainment is run by Bear Gallagher-Cole who has decades of experience in the music industry working in multiple roles. 1st Drop can help with everything from organizing events and booking artists, to creating and marketing promotional materials. We know about entertainment!

About 1st Drop, and How It Started

Bear Cole had worked in the music industry in so many roles, that he started to notice holes in many people’s every day approach to events, booking, and night life. He started to think to himself that there had to be a better way, after all he thought

“You wouldn’t have someone without knowledge of the Kitchen cooking the food at your venue, and you wouldn’t have someone without knowledge of Leadership running the employees for an event. So why was it that often, someone with no knowledge of the Entertainment Industry was the one booking, organizing, and promoting the events?”

This doesn’t only mean that there is much more work placed on everyone involved at the venue, or in that specific event – it often means loads more work for the manager or person placed in charge. It also makes it much harder for good acts and entertainers to get booked at the right type of events.

That is where 1st Drop Entertainment comes in. We specialize in creating relationships between entertainers and venues or events of all sizes. We take care of the entertainment end of things, so you can focus on the things you specialize in. Not only do we help take some of the load off of your shoulders, but we incorporate experts in the areas of Entertainment Booking, Promotions, Marketing Collateral Creation, and Audio Visual to make sure your next event is a success!

We have tight knit relationships with Production Companies and Event Companies that help to make our services even stronger.

No more looking for artists that are reliable, no more throwing together crappy flyers and posters, no more hours of work when you have other things to worry about. Let 1st Drop Entertainment take control of everything Entertainment, and make you, your venue, and your event the best it can be.

About Bear Cole

Let’s learn a little bit more about Bear. Bear Gallagher-Cole is the guy you will be talking to if you contact 1st Drop Entertainment. Also known as DJ Bear Cole and Bear the Astronot, Bear has decades of experience in multiple facets of the music industry. Let’s use a list to learn about just some of the things Bear has done.

  • Graduate of the Conservatory of Recording Arts & Sciences – Studio Recording & Audio Engineering Program
  • Degree in Web Design & Graphics, and years of experience in online tech, I.T., and Development.
  • Stagehand and Audio Tech on Tour with The Rolling Stones, Kanye West, Keith Urban, Taylor Swift and much more.
  • Professional DJ with residences and multiple clubs for over a decade. Worked Phoenix, Scottsdale, Tempe, Tucson, Las Vegas, Los Angeles and more. Also works as a contractor and mobile DJ for events.
  • Manager of Peaks Pro Event Services which specializes in DJ and Photo Booth services for Weddings, Corporate Events, School Dances, and Company Parties.
  • Opening DJ sets for Afrika Bambaataa, Ice Cube, DJ Keoki, DJ Sammy, Richard Humpty Vision and more.
  • Touring Musician and MC with multiple bands and groups, including winner of Best Hip Hop Artist in the State of Arizona from the Phoenix New Times (2009).
  • Self released, recorded, mixed, produced, and mastered over 15 albums of his own solo work as a producer and artist.
  • Worked in the studio with DMX, Bone Thugs & Harmony, Megadeth, and more.
  • Worked as a Promoter for over 5 years throwing his own shows and band showcases in multiple genres.
  • Has started and owned four music industry businesses of his own.
  • Audio Engineer and Production Tech for Concert and Corporate events.
  • Entertainment Consultant for multiple venues spanning the southwest.

About Our Methodology

You might notice right off the bat that there is something different about 1st Drop Entertainment. Let’s learn about Our Methodology, and Idealogy, and how we use it to help 1st Drop Entertainment and people just like you succeed. The music industry isn’t a place for slackers. Movies and Music Videos have falsified the dynamic for decades. Music and Entertainment is hard work!

That means that artists, venues, events, promoters, and crews all have to prove they are reliable and willing to work hard. Not only work hard, but work smart. 1st Drop Entertainment wants to foster relationships between people who already know this fact. We expect the entertainers we book to be on time, professional, and courteous. We expect the venues and events we serve to be organized, positive, and courteous as well.

Entertainment is all about community. Bear Cole and 1st Drop Entertainment strive to help build a stronger community for entertainment, and to keep the good venues open and the good artists working. We want to live within a strong community of working Entertainment Professionals.

There is little more to say about our methodology. We take the morale high ground, we treat people right, and we expect everyone else we work with to do the same. There is no room for big heads, greedy tactics, or unorganized lazy promotions.