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For Venues

  • Artist Booking
  • Full Service Entertainment Services
  • Event Marketing Consultation
  • Entertainment Consulting
  • Web Design and Graphics
  • Equipment Rentals and P.A. Support

For Artists

  • Gig Booking
  • Promotional & Marketing Collateral
  • Promotional Videos (Visuals)
  • Web Design and Graphics
  • Productions and Equipment Support
  • Tour Success Consulting

For Concerts

  • Engineer, Tech, and Stage Hand Booking
  • Promotional Materials & Marketing Collateral
  • Equipment Support and Rentals
  • Local Openers and Booking

For Events

  • Event Consulting
  • Entertainment Booking
  • Equipment Rentals and Support
  • Promotional Materials


Speakers, Lights, Video, Karaoke & More

A good amount of what we do at this time, is provide Dj Services to small or medium sized venues. Lots of people ask us when we consult with them, “Why Do DJ’s Cost So Much?”. Well, they really don’t when you look at the return. However, a large part of the misunderstanding is that we are providing not only the talent and the music, but also the equipment to venues of this size. We aren’t just showing up and plugging in. We are transporting, and maintaining a professional sound & light system for use at venues that need our help. By providing the equipment, we guaranty not only a professional sounding event, but a professional looking event as well.

If you have any type of venue, even one without any way to make noise or a dance floor, we have the right equipment to help you. The good part is that you save yourself a ton of cost and hassle by letting us take care of this part ourselves as well.

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