Lip Sync Battles Presented by 1st Drop Entertainment

Look Further Down This Page For The Lip Sync Submission Form. Fill This Form Out To Enter As A Performer At Upcoming Lip Sync Battles.

1st Drop Entertainment will be holding Lip Sync Battles Bi-Monthly. The winner of each Lip Sync Battle will win a prize and be entered into the Northern Arizona Finals! Once the Finals are announced, winners from Northern Arizona will all compete in the Big Show for the title of Northern Arizona’s Lip Sync Champion!

Each event will have a DJ present. This DJ will not only help provide the songs for performers and music during the competition. After the competition is done, that evenings DJ will take control and there will be a full fledged Dance Party! 1st Drop Entertainment style! The DJ plays all night, and we party until they shut the place down.

Here are some important things to remember.

  1. You will be judged on your overall performance, showmanship, Lip Syncing (do you actually know the song?), entertainment value, costume, energy, and how realistic your performance comes across. There will be a panel of judges in attendance each night to rate the performers, and choose the winner.
  2. Crowd noise and cheering will be taken into consideration by the judges, but the ultimate choice of the winner will be left up to the judges. Bringing all your friends and family to cheer for you definitely doesn’t hurt.
  3. Unless otherwise mentioned or promoted Lip Sync Battles will be a 21+ age event, and alcohol will be present and served. Drink Up!
  4. Costumes are recommended and welcome. No Glitter, No Confetti, No Flying Liquids. Nothing that is difficult to clean up after your performance.
  5. You will need to provide all of your own props and wardrobe. All we provide is a fake microphone.
  6. Group Performances are Welcome.
  7. We do not discourage the crowd from tipping their favorite performers.
  8. Submit your music early. There will be a cap on the number of performers we can accept into each competition so the earlier you submit the more guaranty you have to perform on that date.

Song Instructions

You Must Submit Your Song Before The Cut Off Which Is Midnight The Calendar Day Before The Competition For Guaranteed Accuracy. 

If you are performing the original version of the song, you can just add it into the Submission Form below. If you have any special edits, cues, remixes, or an edited multi-mix you must submit your song via email to [email protected]

There is a 5 minute max time frame for any performance.

  1. We can not play your song off of a device i.e. phone, ipod, computer etc. Your song must be submitted using the entry form below, or one the Dj already has.
  2. We can try to accept your song via a Flash Drive or External Storage at the event. However, it must be atleast 1 hour before the start of the competition and we can not guaranty to have proper adapters or compatible computers. It is best to send your file to [email protected] to make sure we have it.
  3. We will take submissions the night of the competition, however we can not guaranty to have the exact version of the song you would like to perform unless it is emailed directly to [email protected] atleast 1 day prior to the event. Last minute submissions or submissions at the venue before the event may have to choose an alternate song, or not perform.

We Can Not Make Any Edits To Your Song Or File For You!

Submit Now To Enter As A Performer Or Group

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  • 10/18/19 - Mainstage Winner - Cottonwood
    To Be Announced
  • 11/15/19 - Majerle’s Winner - Flagstaff
    To Be Announced
  • 01/10/20 Majerle’s Winner - Flagstaff
    To Be Announced
  • 03/13/20 Majerle’s Winner - Flagstaff
    To Be Announced