DJ Bear Cole


Artist Information


Country: United States

State: Arizona


Record Selector With In Depth Musical Knowledge

DJ Bear Cole has over 2 decades of experience. He started his professional career as a DJ around Tempe & Scottsdale Arizona. However, before going pro Bear was known to DJ multiple events, including his own Prom! Bear was the head resident DJ and lighting and sound for the Martini Ranch & Shaker Room in Scottsdale Arizona for 7 years. He has opened shows as big as Ice Cube, Afrika Baambaataa, DJ Keoki, and as little as your corner dive bar.

DJ Bear Cole doesn’t consider himself a DJ. He prefers the term Record Selector. The key difference he says is “A DJ is a master of one genre. You go to watch him play a set all in that genre. A record selector is a music fan. He can play in multiple genres from multiple generations, and even combine them all into one cohesive set. My specialty is funk & old-school hip-hop, but I can play all modern dance at a club one night, and country at a bar the next night.”

This eclectic knowledge of generational music is what has set DJ Bear Cole apart from the rest. “I have opened for Hip-Hop acts, and Rock Bands. I myself am a songwriter and MC and go by Bear the Astronot. Even as an artist my tastes are eclectic. I love old soul, blues, country, and bluegrass. My podcast The Grab Bag With Bear Cole helps people to learn more about far reaching genres, and learn some of the great musical sounds & secrets I have picked up over the years.”

If you can get out to see DJ Bear Cole live at an event or night make sure you do. You are guaranteed to be blasted with a unique blitz of beats that show you how deep Bear Cole’s love for music goes. However, if you can’t, make sure you check in on his podcast The Grab Bag from time to time, and let him be your own personal Record Selector.


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