We Are Just Getting Started

Just Getting Started

Music should be about a sound and emotion conveyed through the manipulation of the audio spectrum. It’s about what you hear and feel.


TheUnhype_Logo_500Hello and thank you for your interest.  Please peruse the site to get more information about our mission. We are just getting started. will have several functions. First we will be writing about the music industry and music that we like.  This will include some tips and tricks for musicians, album and song reviews, and just general fan stuff.

Helping Musicians

We will also be helping musicians get the word out.  We aren’t just going to write about anything however.  We have a mission and vision, and we will judge your music based on this.  If we feel that it is a good fit, we will write up an article about your next release or show, and even give you an interview to help you get the word out.  The interviews will always be based around your music, your creative process, and why you make it.  We are not interested in gossip, beef, fashion, or scandals.

Unhype Artists

The Unhype Music Group will be selecting a group of artists to be Unhype artists.  These artists will receive special treatment.  We aren’t a label, but we along with our partner Guerrilla Music Marketers will be giving these musicians special attention and help with their careers.  We want to create a community centered around music of all genres, and the belief that music is about what you hear and perceive, not all the other HYPE!

Please Submit Your Music!

If you are interested in our mission, or if you are an artist that would like to submit music please CONTACT US RIGHT NOW!  We are just getting started, and at this time we are going to be gathering as many artists, and as much information as we can to help us jump off the site with some great articles, reviews, and interviews!

Lets Enjoy Music Without All The Hype!

Bear Cole has worked just about every job in the music industry. He is a Songwriter, Musician, MC, and Producer. He is a certified Audio Engineer, has worked in studios, promoted shows, managed bands, worked at record stores, and owned a record label. However, before all that he was just a music fan. His love for music continues to drive his pursuit to save the good stuff in any way he can. Whether it is with writing and reviews, or as a listener. Bear writes for his own music blog at When he isn’t writing about music or making it, you will find him hiking, fishing, or driving around on a dirt road somewhere near his home in Flagstaff Arizona.

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