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24 Hour Online Streaming Radio

You guys are smart, and probably already figured this out. Radio.DJBearCole.com and GrabBagLive.com are the exact same radio station. Why two different URL’s? Well lots of fans of DJ Bear Cole have no idea what the hell The Grab Bag is.

The Grab Bag started out as a concert series that Bear Cole promoted. It mixed acoustic singer-songwriters, reggae bands, rappers, turntablists, metal and rock & whatever else into one live show. The concert series was successful, but was always a bigger idea for Bear Cole.

When DJ Bear Cole finally started DJing more again, he used the name to start a podcast. It was just a collection of mixes of all kinds of eclectic music he enjoyed. As his gigs started picking up, it became a way to showcase live mixes and examples of what people could expect when they came out to see DJ Bear Cole play at a club or bar.

Now The Grab Bag is more than just a Podcast. It has become a podcast, and 24 hour streaming radio station. Of course, all 100% curated by DJ Bear Cole. The podcast will still showcase live mixes, and eclectic dives into everything from acoustic to bluegrass to dance music. The radio station Grab Bag Live or Radio.DJBearCole.com will be a little bit more of a showcase of Bear’s new and danceable music tastes. With Daily shows like Funk Nation, Club Head, and Nostalgia jutting in between a stream of eclectic tunes chosen by DJ Bear Cole himself.

Thats the story. The Grab Bag has been an idea used for decades by Bear Cole to throw live showcases of musicians, podcasts to share his tastes in diverse music, and now a 24 hour Online Streaming Radio Station for you to enjoy. 1st Drop Entertainment is happy to help share some music you won’t hear every day on other stations. Log on now, subscribe to the podcast, and enjoy!


Go subscribe to The Grab Bag Podcast and check out some of the mixes that are showcased on the Grab Bag Live Radio Station.